Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wine me Wednesday

La De Da! So I am new to this whole blog venture (thank you Megsie Poo for asking me to be a part of this) but I am very excited because I tend to spend most of my work day reading blogs, ssshhh! Don't tell! So it seems only natural to spend some of that time writing one!

As Megs has said, we are trained and seasoned professionals in the art of wine drinking and I am happy to announce my current flavourite wine is: Cupcake Red Velvet! Red wine happens to be my go to bad day drink and this one takes the cake (har har har!) It has a lovely rich and velvety taste to it and is absolutely delish! I especially love it on cold wintery days.

If I am not mistaken, Cupcake Winery is a child of the Cakebread Cellars and it's to die for. If you've never had the pleasure of trying Cakebread, you should be aware that a) it will leave a big gaping hole in the pocket (cha ching!) and 2), it tastes like buddda (or butter, whichever way you slice it.. hahaha I'm full of them today). So naturally, this little lovechild is equally as scrumdiddlyumptious and thankfully, a teeny tiny fraction of the cost (about $10 as compared to $150, ouch) - but don't hold me to this statement, it could just be a vicious rumor. Either way, Cupcake Red Velvet is both affordable and delectable - two traits that are right up my tastebud alley.


So Natalie and I have decided to TEAM BLOG! (which is great because all of my cool products pretty much came from her so now I don't feel so bad about stealing them!). And so on our first official blog day we decided that every wednesday should be WINE WEDNESDAY. Don't worry, we are professional wine drinkers and will only provide you with the wine we know and love-which happens to be a lot.

SO my wine of the day is a shout out to Folie a Deux's Menage a Trois Red Table Wine. It sounds like a mouthful but it is delish! It is only about $12 a bottle and can be found at most any liquor store! It is a Red Table wine so it is not a specific grape but actually a couple of grapes all together! I had the pleasure of visiting their little store in Napa/Sonoma California for my 21st birthday and this was an immediate hit! So go getcha some!



So to start the list of things that I love I decided to start at the top. I LOVE SEPHORA. I mean literally I cannot get enough of it. And surprisingly (or not) all the make up and products that I have from there are from just about every brand they carry.

So here is my first Sephora love...

#1. NARS blush in Super Orgasm
I swear I cannot get enough of this stuff. It is misleading in appearance though I must say. It is PINK and SPARKLY but I promise you will not look like a girl from toddlers and tiaras if you try this stuff! If you don't like the sparkles try plain ole Orgasm. Yes those are actually the names and they of course are the most popular ones-I wouldn't recommend writing Super Orgasm on your christmas list :).

Not to brag, but people ask me all the time what kind of make-up I use, so here ya go gals!!

BUY IT!!! I know it seems expensive but trust me it lasts forever (and is well worth the compliments).

you can find it at:

TTFN (ta ta for now)

My first blog

So I have tried doing blogs about exercising...didn't work, and I follow blogs about food, fashion, and crafts. SO I decided that I wanted to do a blog about all of my favorite things. My life is like a hodge podge of things anyways, so what better way to share my life then through a blog about everything I love!!!

P.S. I am still learning so bear that in mind