Friday, September 30, 2011

colored paper towels and toilet paper??

I just HAD to do a shout out to these awesome finds!!! Colored toilet paper and paper towels! In TONS of colors!!! These would be so cute to use for a party or even to "roll" someone!! I have never rolled anyone before but I might be tempted to if I could use PINK toilet paper!!! Ahhh!! And how cute would green paper towels be in a kitchen??? Click here for the website and the discounts on it!

Monogrammed Madness

A week or so ago I did a shout out to Mrs. Polka Dot and all of her monogrammed goodness. Today I wanted to share some pictures of the things I personally own-last time I think I just gave you a list. So here it goes!

First off is my lovely waffle robe! I LOVE THIS! It is short sleeved and comes down to my thighs, it is perfect for getting ready in and is machine washable. I love this because I simply wipe my hands on it while I am getting ready-make up and all, and it all washes out! Yea! One size fits all and it comes in lots of colors!

Next we have one of my personal favorites, my leather bracelet. You can get these done any way you want! One letter, initials, symbols, greek letters, you name it! And in LOADS of colors! This was one of the first ones they made, but now they have a gorgeous distressed leather that I really really want. These little beauties run at only $29-monogram and all! christmas gift ideas maybe?? Did I mention she ships? 

This might be one of my favorite monogrammed pieces. It looks like the max and chloe version but honestly was a bit cheaper and it took about a week to get in! This is the large gold, but it comes in silver also! I get sooo many compliments on this bad boy. And now she has acrylic ones too! Ahh! In all different colors!!! Click here for her facebook page with all of the colors!

Here we have my lovely heavy duty plastic cup with vinyl sticker! woop woop! This comes with a screw top lid and a straw that actually stays in the cup! Per usual they have all different colors and sizes of both cups and stickers! AND you can put HOT STUFF IN HERE! So you can have coffee-though I don't recommend  drinking coffee from a straw...
Last but not least we have my Built iPad cover. Now this one I purchased from BuiltNy online and brought it in to have monogrammed! That's right, you can bring in your own things to have monogrammed! Isn't it pretty?? It is one of those neoprene cases and she had no trouble monogramming it at all!!! 

I should mention that this does not even put a DENT in the things that I own from Mrs. Polka Dot. I have a license plate on my car, a hat, two make-up bags (small and large), a scout pocket rocket bag (that I talked about in my thesis post) and much much more! Ekk! Needless to say I am a monogramming maniac! So if you are too, check out her facebook page!!!! Mrs. Polka Dot ships all over and her prices are very very reasonable! Go check her out!! Click HERE

P.S. for those of you with kiddos she has sooooooo many things! Onesies, bloomers, burp cloths, hats, halloween bags, easter baskets, bibs, etc. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

wine cleaner you probably already own

One night in college natalie and I were drinking red wine (of course) and we managed to spill it ALL over my new apartment (remember the crowns nat?) and my fuzzy blanket that of course said "dry clean only". In our red wine stupor we began to search for things that could clean up the red wine!

Little did we know we had the greatest red wine remover already under the counter!!      Windex Multi Surface with Vinegar!

This magical bottle is different from your average windex because it is CLEAR! DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH BLUE WINDEX! WMSV will get red wine out of anything! It turns the wine a dark blue-so don't get scared-and then you simply mop it up with a wet paper towel. As usually you DAB NOT SCRUB. Now, I am certain that it is the vinegar that really removes the wine, but who knows! It is magical. This will also work on clothes! Spray it on red wine spots and toss it in the washing machine. Ta-da! You may have to do a couple of applications but it really does work! And at $3.99 you can't go wrong. Of course you can use this on windows, counters, and really on whatever needs cleaning. I have even sprayed this on a shirt I was wearing at a friends house and dabbed water on it and the spot went away instantly!! Don't believe me? Go buy it!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wine Wednesday

Today's wine blast is about buying wine in BULK. I am talking about none other than THE BLACK BOX
For this GIGANTIC box of wine the price is around $21-$25 per box (depending on the type and year that you buy). I should probably start out by saying that this box has FOUR bottles in it. So let's do the math...4 bottles of wine at $25 is roughly...$6.25 per bottle! Did you read that??? $6.25 per bottle! And it is GOOD wine! (I should say that one time Nat's mom got the sauvignon blanc and it was not so good....we are thinking it was just a bad batch but I am not sure that either of us has had the courage to try it since then...) But the Merlot in particular is delish! It comes with its own little spout too. And yes, it does have what we fondly call the wine bladder- like Frenzia (which in my opinion IS NOT WINE!) But don't be scared by wine in baggie form! You can leave it in the box if it totally freaks you out! We particularly like this wine for party time because it is sooo cheap and satisfies sooo many people! When Nat and I lived together in college (sigh, what a wonderful time that was) we often split this bad boy so we could save money! But I will admit there were more than a few times when the box was gone in one day and neither of us could really explain that one. Let's just say we have a great love (and tolerance) for wine! So if you are planning a get together (or not) go out a try the lovely black box! 

P.S. This is great for tailgating too because it has a little handle on the box to make it easy to carry around! Yay! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organizing Your Bathroom

With the idea of having a lot of products comes the idea of what in the world to do with all of them! Today we are starting in the bathroom-where let's face it, you probably have the most products! Now I know that people are different when it comes to organizing things-I like my make-up sitting on the counter where I can see it, but I know natalie likes hers hidden away so she doesn't have clutter on her counter! So here are two different options for make-up, face wash, etc. organization-brought to you by The Container Store. 

First we have the "on the counter" style organizer. The one pictured above is the one that I have at home and it is much larger than the picture shows. I like it because you can literally fit every piece of make up all in one thing. Mascara and lip glosses stand up right in the middle (which you can also remove for more storage) eye shadows and blushes can go in sideways in the little dividers while big things like foundation, powder, face wash, lotion, etc. can go in the bigger squares. Now obviously you can organize them however you want, this is just what I have found that works best for me. Another great thing about this product is it can fit in a large drawer or under the counter-so if you have guests coming over you don't have to shovel everything in a drawer, you simply pick this whole thing up and move it! yay! As mentioned above this one is from the container store and can be found on their website HERE! This little beauty runs about $17.99. 
Another option is the "in drawer" organizer. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are made stackable! So if you have deep drawers they will stack on top of each other! Obviously above they have them used in Kitchen storage (another great idea) but you can use them as whatever you want! This is great for jewelry too! This kind of storage can be found on the container store website HERE! They are anywhere from $2.99 and up. 

The next organizer I want to mention is one for holding the dreaded flat irons, blow dryers, curlers, hairspray, etc. Those nasty cords get tangled and go everywhere! What I did was got a large multi-purpose bin (pictured above) to put all my products in! I keep this one hidden away in my bathroom closet or put it on the ground by the counter! The large ones (I got two) hold everything including the hairspray and hot rollers! And when it is time to do my hair it is all right there together. I am one of those people that likes to blow dry my hair on the floor and straighten it in front of a full length mirror (so I can sit down because i'm lazy). This bin has handles on it so I just carry everything I need to where ever I have decided to get ready. Awesome huh? You can find these HERE! They are $3.99 to $6.99. 

Last but not least...the towel organizer. I took these "basic stack baskets" (3 to be exact) and use them to corral my towels! hehe I have all different colors and I use them for different size towels. The top basket I use for hand/face towels. You know the tiny ones? The middle basket is for the bigger hand towels and the bottom basket for the big bath towels. Now if we want to get super specific I roll my towels up so they are all nicely stacked in the baskets. AND in the middle basket I don't have too many large hand towels so it also house headbands and other oddly shaped things! These baskets are super cheap $5.99 a piece! You can find them HERE!

So in a nutshell these are the things I have in my bathroom to keep everything in it's place. I do NOT have a particularly large bathroom so it may seem like there is a lot in there but there really isn't. The ugly stuff stays hidden and the cutesy stuff is on the counter! So CONTAIN YOURSELF and go check out the container store so you too can have a blissfully organized bathroom. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lip Gloss Curse

 The Lip Gloss Curse...

I have a lip gloss curse. That's right, curse. It's really more of a blessing AND a curse. I have the magical ability of picking a lip gloss that looks good on EVERYONE! I mean it! All of my friends have different complexions, hair color, skin tone, etc. But I can somehow score a lip gloss that fits us all. Now for the curse part...Every lip gloss that I find becomes extinct. It goes out of stock! I am not sure how I do this, but it happens every time, without fail. And of course I am a creature of habit so I like to use the same stuff...So my new life goal: Find a lip gloss that will not go away!!! EVER! 

My first lip gloss find came from a line called Henry Beautiful that my mom and I actually sold at one point. All of the lip glosses and lipsticks were named after boys (how could you not love that?). My lip gloss was called Tim. May he rest in peace. Tim was a rosy/peachy color with a little bit of sparkle to brighten things up! Tim looked good on all of us and we are very sad to see him go. Nat-remember Tim???? Tim was discontinued because his mommy (owner of Henry Beautiful) found out she was pregnant with her third child and decided she wanted to focus on her family. Can you blame her? THREE KIDS AND A BUSINESS? no thank you. So to Tim, we will remember you always.

After my sadness of losing the love of my life, I had to find a replacement and fast. (Tim I still keep for special occasions because I don't want to waste him). My next love was from Sephora in the shade of Hot Coral. Now this little baby is a beauty. It comes in a tube and is (like the title) and mix of rose and coral colors! Again, this guy worked on everyone! So much so that my friends started buying it for themselves (maybe I should blame them for this loss!). Now, to be truthful Hot Coral can be found in other products but it's the gloss that I want!!! I went to Sephora to buy my trusty gloss and couldn't find it!!! I eventually found it in the SALE BIN! AH! I was happy about this, but why was it here? Turns out they are doing a new line of lip glosses. Stab me in the heart why don't you. What is a girl to do when all her lip gloss starts to run out? Well she goes crazy and buys all that she can find. I currently have 3 Hot Corals floating around my purse, house, car, etc.

BUT all is not lost!!! You can still order Hot Coral online for only $3!!! But I am certain this will only last until they run out of them. So go buy some!!! Better yet, DON'T because I want it all to myself!!! Therefor it is with great pain that I provide you with the link to purchase it...HERE. But DON'T CLICK IT! OR BUY A DIFFERENT COLOR. Thank you, I will be watching you. All of you!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Salma Hayek "Nuance"

The breakfast idea post was just a little is the REAL DEAL for today! I was watching the Rachael Ray Show yesterday and the guest star was the one and only Salma Hayek. Apparently Salma has her own skin care and cosmetic line that is sold at CVS! Not only do her products look fabulous but they are cheap!! Not a single product is over $20-pretty good deal for a high fashion celebs beauty secrets!! Her line is called "nuance" and is chock full of awesome goodies! On the RR show she did some demos on audience members and my favorite is the stick that covers your dark circles under your eyes instantly! She says "of course they come back, but this is just a quick fix". Her products supposedly have a special plant ingredient found in mexico that they use on burn victims because it is a skin regenerating plant! AWESOME! The smells she uses sound pretty dandy too-rosewater and cucumber, wild lime, etc. I am pretty excited to try some of these products. I mean, if this stuff will make my skin look like Salma Hayek's (who just turned 45 by the way and still looks drop dead gorgeous) than I am all in!!! So head to CVS pharmacy or order some online by clicking HERE and let me know what you think!!!
P.S. She also gave a phenomenal tip about picking blush color shades! She says to look at the color of the inside of your lip, this is your natural undertone color. Pick a shade that matches this and you can't go wrong! I was totally staring at my lip in the mirror after that segment by the way...

Breakfast Idea

After my post yesterday about healthy foods I thought I would submit my own little experiment from this morning. I saw this idea on Pinterest (for those of you who do not know what this is it is basically an online bulletin board where you "pin" pictures of things that you like. You can follow people and see what they "pin" and if you like it you "repin" the idea--but more on this later). Basically you take a muffin pan and spray it with nonstick spray. Then you take pieces of ham and place them in each muffin pan and crack an egg into them. Then I put a little bit of shredded cheddar chesse on top. Bake them in the oven at 350 for about 20 or so minutes-until the egg starts to harden. You really can do it to whatever type of egg you like, runny, hard, etc. When they are down the pop out like little cups!! Here is what mine looked liked! I also added a little bit of sriracha sauce (that red chili sauce) on top of mine to spice it up! They were super yummy and really healthy since I didn't need butter or anything! Woo Hoo! Try them out and tell me what you think!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Food Find-Lean Cuisine Snacks

If you are a food lover like I am then you are going to LOVE these!!! Everyone is trying to eat healthier these days right? Well Lean Cuisine is helping us all out by providing SNACKS!! My bootcamp (workout class) leader tells us that we need to eat 5 smaller meals a day= 3 bigger ones and 2 snacks. Snacks for me are a must have! I LOVE TO EAT! So having healthier snack options that are soo easy to make is simply fantastic!

Now, when I first heard about these snacks I searched and searched for a new box that said SNACKS on it...but turns out that Lean Cuisine has not made it a separate new fangled box, they are right there in your regular frozen food section. These little snacks run at 200 calories per snack and the box contains 2 each! Woo hoo!! So my favorites so far are the Thai Chicken Spring Rolls and the Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls! They crisp up in the microwave and even come with a cute little carrying box like hot pockets! Bad News: they do NOT come with sauce, so being the saucy lady that I am I just purchased some Sriracha sauce (that super hot red sauce that the put on sushi) pictured above! You can find it in the international isle at the grocery store. But fair warning it is SPICY! If you don't want spicy but want some sauce then just get some soy sauce! I have also bought the Spinach Artichoke Dip with Pita Bread but I have yet to try them. I have no doubt they will be just as good! So if you are an eater like I am go out and try these!!

P.S. I promise the spring rolls get crispy and not soggy--key when you are microwaving food that has been frozen!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Try Me Tuesday

Rather than talking about things I already own I wanted to take the opportunity today to talk about things that I want to try and see if anyone has tried them and has any input on them! I have been very curious for a long time about the eyeshadow stickers! That's right, they are stickers that have eyeshadow already on them and you simply stick them to your lids and supposedly the eyeshadow comes off on your lids. IF they work as well as they say they do then these things should be easy as pie! (I mean if I could make my eyes look like the girl's pictured below then I am golden!!) But I have noticed that you can no longer find them at Sephora (at least when I searched today I could not find them), which makes me wonder how effective they actually are. They do appear to be in the grocery stores, target, walmart, etc. Anyone tried these??? Thoughts?
To go along with the sticker eyeshadow, now they have sticker eyeliner too!! Now these stickers look a bit more extreme than I am used to wearing, but maybe they would be fun to try out one night! And it looks like they would be a lot easier to stick on than to attempt to draw on! These CAN be found at Sephora for a pretty penny. Click here for the link. Maybe someone can loan me $59 to try these bad boys out! Thoughts?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Your Average Little Black Dress

Introducing the Little Black Dress Jewelry Hanger. I have tried many ways to corral my jewelry-from jewelry boxes, cute little bowls, nails in the wall, you name it. This LBD hanger is officially my new favorite. I hang it on the back on my door in my bathroom-this is the perfect location for me because I can look at all my jewelry while getting ready and decide on what I want to wear. It is a great way to display all your jewelry at one time so you don't have to go running around looking for pieces (like I used to). This is PERFECT for necklaces because you do NOT have to un-hook them to display them! The pockets come in all different sizes and I have yet to find things that don't fit! Even big bulky necklaces can be hung on the necklace side or folded into a pocket! The hanger part also swivels so if you can hang it on a hook or rack then you can just spin it around to look at the other side! whoo whoo!! I purchased my LBD hanger from The Container Store, click HERE for the link. Right now it is about $24.99, but if you wait for their big home sale you can get it for $17.99 (I got it on sale AND used a $5 off gift card!). So far this is my favorite piece that literally holds all of my jewelry.

*I actually rotate the necklaces between the pockets and the velcro parts just depending on which ones I am wearing more often!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Erin Condren

This may be my favorite product that I currently own (on a small scale at least). This is the one and only Erin Condren Life Planner aka my life in a book. I love love love this planner and cannot say enough wonderful things about it. It is colorful, spacious, has stickers, month at a glance pages, notes pages, etc. While this calendar tends to be on the pricey side, it is worth every penny! I have to have every single detail of my life written down and I get panicky when it is not by my side (don't worry, it is right here with me right now). This is my FIFTH planner from Erin Condren. FIFTH! So obviously I have liked this style enough to keep buying it for five whole years! Below is just a glimpse of my crazy schedule! As you can see there is plenty of room to write (and my handwriting is rather large). I use those skinny sharpie pens that I talked about in the thesis blog to write in it-but my mom prefers to use pencil so she can erase (I am a white-out fan). Erin Condren also has great stationary, stickers, note-pads, etc).  Here is a picture of my mom and I's collection (these are maybe 1/3 of what we have!) Click HERE for the Erin Condren website. AND type in the code 2012OFF and you will get 10% off your next purchase!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wedding Fever

It is peak wedding season (at least for my friends) and I have 3 weddings to attend in the next two months! Whew! I decided now would be a good time to talk wedding gifts. To begin- I am not a registry buyer, I realize that the registry is a list of what the lucky couple wants, but I feel like I should just give them money! So I try to find creative things to give instead of the regular pots and pans (which I do when I am low on funds hehe). My favorite gift is a glass cutting board with a monogram (duh) on it. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors! I try to use the wedding colors as a guide. I tend to get the smaller ones because they are great for a bar or even to put on display! They are not too pricey either! I of course got mine from Mrs. Polka Dot (click HERE for her link). I think these are a great way to give a cute wedding gift! And let's face it, who wouldn't want one of these??? Go get to ordering one today!!

P.S. she also has super cute owl wine stoppers that are big and silver and also make great gifts!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mrs. Polka Dot

Today I am doing a shout out to my favorite monogram store Mrs. Polka Dot! For those of you who know me, I LOVE monograms. Maybe obsessed is a better word. Mrs. Polka Dot is like a monogramming paradise. You can bring in your own things to be monogrammed or you can purchase things there-and they are not pricey at all!! yay! I have purchased presents for myself but also a lot of wedding presents too!!! The glass cutting boards are great wedding gifts! They also have greek stuff too!! Go check her out!
Here are some of the things I have so far:
* cutting boards
* bracelet
* hat
* cup
* front license plate
* iPad case
* cosmetic bags (large and small)
* robe (on the way!)
* keychain (on the way!)
* initial necklace!!!
I am telling you they have it all! The store is located on Kavanaugh in Little Rock, AR but she also ships all over! Click here for HERE facebook page so you can look at all of her fabulous stuff too!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tinted Moisturizer

Today I wanted to talk about tinted moisturizers. Now normally I am not a fan of caking on layers to your face. I do NOT like foundation (i feel like it clogs my face up). Therefore I was very hesitant to try tinted moisturizers. BUT I found one that I love- Laura Mercier in Sand. This stuff is wonderful! I actually put it on after my regular skin is on the dry side so the added moisturizer is good for me! It goes on very light and sheer but still covers up pores and other little things that you do not want on display. It also doesn't FEEL like does not come off if I touch or even scratch my face! Now here is the bad news. This stuff ain't cheap! It runs about $42 for the big but only $15 for a small. So if you already use a foundation I am not sure there is any point in also using a tinted moisturizer. If you are not a foundation user but are looking for just a little something on your face, then this is the product for you! I would equate it almost to a primer really. Laura Mercier is famous for her lovely skin care products and make up so this line is definitely worth a try!! You can find it all over the place but of course I love sephora so go HERE to find it online!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wine Wednesday

Is it wednesday already?? Where has this week gone? Today I am introducing my favorite white wine in all the land: Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc. For my 21st birthday my mom took me on a trip with one of my best friends and her mom (who just so happens to be my godmother) on a trip to the wine vineyards in Napa and Sonoma. Napa Cellars was one of our first stops. After tasting obscene amounts of wine, we landed on this little beauty. It is DELISH! Especially in the summer when it is hot out. It has just the right amount of fruity taste to it without being overly sweet (I am not a big fan of sweet wine!). It is about $18 a bottle, but after having my fair share of Frenzia in college, I tend to justify the purchasing of nicer wine. Buy this for a special occasion or just to enjoy on a warm night. It is to die for!! Click here for the website!

FACT: remember the folie a deux red table wine discussed a few weeks ago? They share a store with Napa Cellars. So if you have a chance to make it out to Napa Valley you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting this little tasting room! Here is the address because I know that after you taste these two wines you will be itching to head on over there!
Napa Cellars
7481 St. Helena Highway
Oakville, CA 94562

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Money Budgeting

Unfortunately with the love that I have for products comes the love for spending money (that I should NOT be spending). What I have done is taken it upon myself to budget my product purchasing :). I found these money envelopes through Pinterest. Click here for the lovely website that lets you print off these sheets and fold them into envelopes. Now, the envelopes call for doing a weekly budget...for example put money in an envelope each week for what you plan to spend, and once that money is up, then it is up! I took a different twist on it. I made them more of a savings type deal. On each envelope I wrote the things I wanted to save up for. I have two practical ones (savings and weddings-I am going to so many weddings this year it is really killing me!) and then I have fun ones-things that I want! For example I REALLY want a new iPhone, so in goes money into the envelope. I got a paycheck this week and deposited half and cashed half. The cash went into the envelopes to save for later where as the deposited money went to things I needed right away (gas, bills, etc.).
This may not work for you at all, but I am an "out of sight, out of mind" person. Yes I have a savings account but I don't often have time to run to and from the bank (and to be honest I try to stay away from it so that I don't take money OUT for silly things) so I like just keeping it in the envelope and depositing it IF it gets full. HA! On the envelopes there is a line that says "to" where they want you to write where you spent money, I changed this to the date. So mine looks like this.

9/13/11 +$50.00

This way I am keeping track of when I put money IN for savings! The envelopes will stay at home NOT in my purse so that I am not carrying all that tempting cash around! We shall see how long this lasts and if it actually works!! So far, so good.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Find of the Day

I just had to post a picture of our random find of the day!! Such a cute idea!! I actually found the top of a rake in our tool shed, SCORE! So I will be attempting this ASAP.

Scout Bags/Jasmere

In the thesis post, I talked about my favorite bag to carry! The bag is a scout bag by bungalow. Today, while going through my emails from Groupon, Living Social, etc. I came across one for scout! So today's shout out goes to both Scout and the coupon website called Jasmere. Jasmere is different from most "coupon" websites. They start off with a 50% off deal, but the more people that agree to purchase the deal, the less you end up paying! For example, today's deal-for $6 you get a coupon code for 60% off the entire scout/bungalow site! The more people that buy the less you pay-so at the end of the night you might be paying $4 for 60% off!  Here is the link for today's deal!!! Click HERE now! I am going to purchase mine ASAP!!

Side note: they do NOT run your credit card until after the deal has closed, so you are sure to get the best deal!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Yay for Friday! So I have been going back and forth about what I want to blog about today and I finally landed on the most fantabulous hair tool ever! THE SULTRA BOMBSHELL. Now this little beauty takes a spin on a curling iron. It is a ceramic rod without a clamp that gets ridiculously hot-much like a flat iron, but it is round. duh. This little gadget heats up quickly and is very easy to use.

Now for those of you with thick hair like me, you are probably thinking "whatever, this will not work for me". I PROMISE you that it does. I have very thick, coarse hair and this thing is magically. It comes with a hot pink safety glove too. All you do is wrap your hair around the bombshell and hold it in places for about 7-10 seconds (depending on the thickness of your hair). It does take some getting used to, but trust me you will only burn yourself once (because it hurts and you will always remember that). This tool gives perfect waves, tight curls, loose curls, you name it. It is on the expensive side, much like the Chi flat iron, but it is worth every penny. Per usual, I got mine at Sephora. Click here for the website.

Put this little baby on your christmas list and you will be one happy camper!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wine Wednesday

Today I am introducing another one of my favorite red wines! My mom first got me a bottle of this for christmas-it is from Chile so she was trying to give me Spanish inspired gifts. Boy did she hit the mark! This wine is called Root 1: Carmenere. Apparently carmenere was a "lost grape" that has been rediscovered in Chile. Basically it is a delicious red wine! Click here for their website. As you might think (given the name) the bottle has roots all over it. Now I am definitely an appearance buyer-meaning that I tend to buy bottles of wine that have great designs on them! So if you spot this wine in stores near you, check it out!! I want to say it is around $12 a bottle-not too shabby. And I have the Sauvignon Blanc chilling in the fridge, so I will let you know how that one tastes soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Color me Tuesday

This is a little project that I did over the weekend.. It might brighten your Tuesday afternoon! Another brightener.. its almost Quittin Time and the weather is to die for!!!

So I got this idea off Pinterest... All it takes is a few items:
  • 10x16 canvas (dont quote me on the size, it was like 10.99 at Hobby Lobby plus 30% off)
  • 96 count box of crayons
  • glue gun
  • hair dryer
So first of all, I picked out how I wanted me colors arranged, like so:

and then I glued them all on with the hot glue gun:

and I went outside with an extension cord and sat on the front porch and started blow drying away:

and kept going:

until I achieved this:

Voila! Wham Bam thank you ma'am! and it all cost just about $20!! a fun art project for all ages! I was incredibly impressed with my creation! Hope it inspires you!

Thesis Terror

So we missed Music Monday because...well it was labor day and even blogging is considered laborious! So we the start of Tuesday starts the work/school week. For those of you that don't know, I am currently writing my thesis so that I can get my Masters in Spanish whew! (boo!) For those of you who have written 100 long pages on "interesting" topics you know where I am coming from when I say that it is taking everything I can muster to stay positive about writingthis...

So I decided to do a little blog on what I like to call The Thesis Survival Guide. Basically these are the organizational tools that so far I can NOT live without while on this horrendous journey to my Masters (I promise to be much more positive about this...later). So here is my list:

1. Sharpie Pens (click here for link)
That is right, these little babies are awesome! I prefer the fine point ones that have a cap. They don't bleed through paper, they come in about 8 colors, and they do NOT bleed! I know what you're thinking...duh megan, everyone has one of these by now. Even though that is probably true, do you use the different colors for different things?? I write my actual thesis in black, make corrections in red, make notes in the margin in blue/green/orange/purple-depending on what I am making notes about. That is right, the sharpie pen is multi-functional and is a staple in my thesis writing.

2. A hole-punched paper pad
My favorite kind is from Office Depot and comes in a 2-pack. It is white paper and the sheets are pretty thick. I love them because I can write on them like a notepad and then rip them off and stick them in a binder to save for later. I used this in high school and college too. They are my absolute fav!

3. The Pocket Rocket
This little beauty is the end-all-be-all of bags! It has 6 pockets on the outside and a big zipper one on the inside. It is made of a thick plastic material so if something spills on or in it, you just wipe it up with a paper towel. I keep EVERYTHING in here: library books, notepads, sharpies, highlighters, etc. and it does NOT hurt my shoulder when it is loaded down (which it usually is). Click here for the scout website or if you are in Little Rock you can go to Mrs. Polka Dot on Kavanaugh and also get yourself a cute monogram sticker to go with it! Click here for the Mrs. Polka Dot facebook page.

I will keep my list at just 3 fabulous items for today, but stay posted! There are many more products to come!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun Idea

So today I decided to talk about a fun idea I just came up with. At meijer (a walmart type store) I found this wire initials that are meant to be hung up as decorations. BUT I am going to use it as an earring holder/display! It has a wire mesh front that will be perfect for hanging earrings, pins, brooches, and even string necklaces through it! and it can be mounted to the wall!

Another idea I am borrowing from a friend of mine-she took a picture frame and took a piece of fabric and stapled it to the cardboard insert around 3 edges. Then she stuffed it with cotton and stapled the remaining edge. She placed the insert back in the frame and used them as earring holders! I will post a picture of that at a later date!

Anywho this little metal letter cost $4.99! And as soon as I hang it up and cover it in earrings I will post more pictures!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sassy Saturday

I wanted to share with you a quick summer idea I found! (notice I said found and not created...I most definitely am not creative enough for this, though I feel like I should be) I know summer is almost over but that doesn't mean it still isn't hot hot hot (at least in the south it is). I saw this idea from Pinterest! This is a great tip if you are hosting a party or simply lounging around drinking iced tea on a saturday (like I am!).

Basically you fill up ice cube trays and drop in your favorite fruits: blueberries, raspberries or my personal favorite, lemon and lime slices. Then pop the trays in the freezer and tada! Festive ice cubes!This picture is from a blog called The Culinary Tribune. For the original blog and full instructions click here. I think both the lemon and mint ones are great for summer drinks and they would all look wonderful in a punch bowl!!

Stay cool today!