Friday, November 18, 2011

copy cat night at the painted pig

Try as I might I am just not an artist. I like to call myself creative but not artistic. Therefore I decided it would be a blast to do a copy cat class at the Painted Pig--it is a paint your own pottery store here in Little Rock and it is too fun!! So my friend Erin and I took a bottle of champagne and entered the world of painting....

Here is what it was supposed to look like :)

Mine won't be ready for a while so you will all have to be very patient to see how it turns out!! Now I won't give you all the tips and tricks (you have to sign up for your own class!!) but it costs a measly $10 for the class and then the price of your pottery!!! Here is my "Funky Tree" platter in stages...

As you can see I took some creative license on the back. Ok I stole the purple idea from Erin (she painted hers green). They were originally all black. And then I added green and red polka dots! For christmas duh! And you know I can't do anything without my initials on it!! So hopefully when it is fired (that is what they call it when they put it in the kiln and heat it up) it will look all glossy and pretty like the example one! So to all you Little Rockians go to the Painted Pig website HERE and sign up for copy cat! The next one will be in January!!

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