Monday, November 28, 2011


I was watching Kathy Lee and Hoda this morning when suddenly they said something that really made me pay attention. They were talking about a warm cap for the winter that had speakers built into it so you didn't have to plug headphones in underneath them! Needless to say, I checked them out...

Introducing the iBEANi...These are different types of hats that can be worn during running, walking, sports, or just to keep your ears warm, and the headphones are built in!!

I personally like this headband kind...the headphones are right one the sides and the cord comes out the back of the headband so it doesn't bother you at all!! How awesome is that?? This one is $27.95 and is made of Dri-Fit (you know the work out stuff that dries quickly) so it can even get sweaty!  Click HERE for the website.

This next one is great for those who want their entire head covered! I am thinking boys maybe??

And he looks very tough...this one is $28.95 and is also made of the dri-fit material. Unfortunately they are running low on colors and it seems black is the only color left. But hey! How cool are they?? But if you are looking for bright colors you can still find them in this one!! The throw back 80s headband! The website says they even work with the old school cassette players!

These are only $24.95. Click HERE! So now the question is...which one do I get???

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