Friday, November 30, 2012

May Books--50% off today!

Here is my new obsession: May Books. If you are not on the May Books bandwagon, I suggest you hop on. This company makes cutesy little notebooks (their slogan even includes the phrase "no more ugly notebooks"). You can make them be wedding planners, calendars, meal planner, diet and exercise planner or just blank, lined or graph paper! And they are so cute! And of course MONOGRAMMED!!! I just got the plain ole lined paper for myself.

So you go onto their website HERE and you pick your pattern, monogram and colors and what type of book you want. And ta-da! Gorgeous notebook. I am keeping mine in my purse for little notes!They even have holiday patterns! How cute is that?

They are only about $17 a piece BUT TODAY THEY ARE HALF OFF!!!! So go order now!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The BEST Tuna Tar-tare (ideal protein friendly!)

While babysitting during a dinner party tonight the caterer let me in on a little secret...the greatest recipe ever for tuna tar-tare. Even better news? It is Ideal Protein friendly which means I can eat it all up!!

Fresh Sashimi grade Tuna**
Sriracha sauce (yep. she had me with this)
Sashimi Sesame Oil (can be found at Fresh Market)
Fresh Lime Juice

**She gets her tuna FROZEN from Fresh Market! Brilliant! NOT ahi either! she said that regular old PINK looking tuna was cheaper and tastes better in this dish

Chop it up into little pieces. Coat with a bit of everything else! It was not saucy at all so a little goes a long way with this. I realize that my directions are very vague. I think it is because you can make it however you want! Spicy, limey, sesame-y. You name it!

She (the caterer) put them on top of ruffles! RUFFLES! Delish!!! BUT to make it ideal protein friendly, I vote you put them on cucumber slices! Yummo! So here is a photo from Maggie's Meals in New York. It is the closest thing I found that resembled this yummo recipe! Thanks for the photo MM!

Unfortunately I am AWFUL and don't remember the lovely blonde lady caterer's name. BAD. BUT I will find out tomorrow and give her the due credit she deserves! So know that this recipe is not mine (I added the cucumbers) and that The Magical Caterer Lady created it. A big thanks to the MCL! Now go get some tuna!

P.S. The avocado pictured with tuna is NOT ideal protein friendly. Leave it out :) 


**I added my own pictures now!

This was a phenomenal recipe!! The picture to the left is on cucumber "chips" and to the right is what it looks like while marinating! yummo!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shampoo for Winter Months

As with most people my skin gets ultra dry during the winter months. And along with that goes my hair. The best shampoo for dry hair? Head and Shoulders. I realize I sound like an old lady commercial for dandruff, but this stuff really works, and it smells pretty phenomenal too! So no need to be embarrassed buying it. It works wonders.

My favorite kind is the smooth and silky. It makes my hair so soft and it doesn't feel all dry and itchy. And of course, no dandruff is a plus! It is like putting butter in your hair! Stop by the grocery store and grab some. I am serious. Interchange it with your regular shampoo. Maybe every other wash. It will help :)

What I Wear: Make Up Version

I am sure you know by now that I am a product junkie and that Sephora is my mother ship. One reason I love it so much is that you can mix and match products. So here is what I wear everyday :)

1. Boi-ing Concealer in #2: Benefit $20
This puppy hides everything. I use it on the dark circles under my eyes. I put this on first.
2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand: $19
I put this all over my face. A little goes a long way. It is very lightweight.
3. Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer: $29.
I use this to set in the moisturizer and give myself a little glow. I am anxious to try the peach leopard too! 
4. Nars Blush in Super Orgasm: $28
Funny name but it is indeed quite magical. It is pink with little flecks of glitter. It is quite simply gorgeous.

5. Naked 2 by Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette: $50
This one is more expensive but it has tons of colors and goes a long way. I am a neutral color gal and this palette does the trick.
Now, with my fake lashes I don't wear mascara anymore, but when I did this was my go to option. The skinny little brush works wonders for your lashes.
7. Kat Von D Lock N' Load Make Up Setting Mist: $24
The piece de resistance. Spritz this on after your make up is on and it will hold it for the whole day. It smells like cucumbers too!
I realize that these things are pricey but they last for MONTHS! And I use them everyday. And you might be thinking, "What about lips?". Well, I put on any and all lipgloss I can find. See my post about lipglosses for that one!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dresser Top Organization

Sundays are my cleaning days. So why not post about keeping things neat and organized? Like most people I am sure, I have a big ole chest of drawers which is my prime jewelry, perfume, etc. locating spot. I have a cute monogrammed tray (duh) where I keep all of my perfume. And because I am a perfume snob, I rotate them out to whichever ones I am currently using. My current favorites are:
1. Aqua Di Gio for women---yum
2. Armani Code--spicy and so great for the fall
3. Michael by Michael Kors--my go to fav
4. Chanel (the green one)--people stop me and ask me about this one...
5. Viva la Juicy--another go to favorite

Behind my little tray is the coolest earring holder ever. The uber artistic and creative Emily Meyer came up with that one! It is a picture frame filled with fluff and covered with a fabric that is mesh-like. It is the most creative thing ever!! She even hot glued a great bow on there. Too cute!!!

For my necklaces I just used the trusty hammer and nail technique. I just hammered a few nails into the wall behind my dresser and ta-da! Necklace holder! As you can see it holds both big and small necklaces! Easy-peasy.

Finally, my little owl catch-all. I leave this baby on there and it gets filled with bobby pins, clips, chap stick, earrings, etc. And then I clean it out once a week. I believe I found this at target or maybe Pier 1 for about a dollar. Steal!

I rearrange it all pretty frequently. Oh and my other big tip: Get your cleaning supplies from the dollar store. They have all the same stuff at a super great price (a dollar, obviously).

Happy cleaning!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ideal Protein

So I have been putting this off for a while because I wanted to make sure that it actually worked before I blogged about it. But here I am, over 15 lbs lighter and it has only been two weeks. I started Ideal Protein on Nov. 3rd and as of Nov. 17th I was down 15.8 lbs. crazy right? If you have followed along for a bit, you know that I am a diet fanatic. I've tried all of them. Hence me not wanting to talk about this one in case it was another failed diet. Well, it's not! It's basically a low car, low fat, low sugar...wait...NO fat, NO carbs, NO sugar diet.

It is rather strict and I do it through the doctor's office, though there are clinics all around that you can go to. It's not cheap and it's not easy but it is crazy effective. Each day I have three ideal protein foods (vanilla shakes, pudding, chips, soup, bar, etc) which are really quite good. Plus two cups of veggies (no more no less) for lunch And at dinner I have two MORE cups and 8 ounces of protein. This is for sure not a starvation diet. You eat and eat and eat. And lose weight! They have special vitamins you must take and you can't work out for the first two weeks (which is awesome!). All and all I am in love.

I will say that since it is thanksgiving it makes it harder. I want dressing and mashed potatoes but I won't. I have come to far to cheat now. So for lunch and dinner I am having turkey, with zucchini and kale (more new fav food). But I am also making pumpkin muffins! So here is my recipe for phase 1 (did I mention there are 4 phases so you don't instantly gain all your weight back?).

Ideal Protein Pumpkin Almond Muffins

1 package butterscotch pudding
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1 egg
1/3 cup water
1 teaspoon or more of pumpkin pie spices

In a bowl mix water, almond extract and egg until frothy. Add in butterscotch pudding slowly and pumpkin pie spices. Mix together. Spray a muffin pan with non stick spray. Spoon in mixture to fill HALF way. Mine made six muffins. Bake at 350 for about 12 minutes. They puff up and then deflate. They are so good and you can eat ALL six!!!

Go to to learn more about it!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

It is about time I told the world...I have finally gotten fake eyelashes. By that I mean the eyelash extensions. The kind where you go to the salon and they glue them individual to each lash and it takes two hours. I know what you might be thinking...why do that for TWO hours?? Well let me tell you! Once you go eyelash extensions you never go back. Not only do I NEVER have to wear mascara, but I get complements all the time! yay!! So please excuse my "eye" pictures. There is just not a flattering way to photograph your eyeball...

I went to Ava Bella Salon in Little Rock. These puppies cost $100 big ones. And actually they cost $200 big ones but they are on sale through the end of October (how selfish of me to only tell you this now...on October 29th). You normally need to get them filled every 2 weeks. I have completed two whole weeks and I have maybe had 4 lashes fall out? I am hoping to make it 3-4 weeks without having a refill! Which are only $45 and take about 30-45 minutes.

Here is my before shot...

As you can see I am lacking in the lashes!

But here I am with the falsies! *Disclaimer--my eyes are VERY red in this picture. It was a tad irritating and uncomfortable but it is not painful at all. I am not on drugs thank you very much.

I mean look at those puppies!!! How gorgeous are they?!? Can you tell the difference? Well, just in case I put them together...more awkward eyeball shots!

You really can tell a difference though! And I feel like they do not look fake at all. I had a lady tell me the other day that my lashes looked great and I must have great mascara! NO WAY!

Now here they are two weeks later and counting...and still so luscious and curled!

I have found my new obsession and will be getting the refills. Probably for forever. And ever. And ever. I am in LOVE! I do wish I had bought the serum (they were out when I was there) because they feel a little dry (a feeling you can only have with falsies I believe). But, hopefully I will remedy that soon! So go try some out!!! Check out Ava Bella Salon HERE!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakfast Finds

I am known for skipping breakfast. I don't like waking up early enough to eat it. Normally this isn't a problem, but now that I have to be at school at 7:30am and don't eat lunch until 12:45, you better believe I get hungry in between then. So I went on a hunt to find things for breakfast that were easy and cheap and hopefully not horribly bad for me. Here is what I found:

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Croissants
These puppies stay in the freezer and microwave in about 3 minutes. Super yummy and low cal! They can be found in the breakfast freezer aisle at the grocery store. This box is about $6.50 with 4 sandwiches a piece.

Speacial K FlatBread Sandwiches
Just found these gems! Flatbread sandwiches with egg, ham and pepper jack cheese! Only 200 calories!!! Again, they stay in the freezer and you microwave them. This box was about $4.50 with 4 sandwiches a piece!

Kellogg's Low Fat Multi Grain Waffles

These waffles come in at 70 calories a piece! That is only 140 for 2 waffles! I also get the Kroger sugar free syrup to seal the deal. Add a little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and you are good to go!

Obviously I am not a cereal kind of gal...I need the big substantial meals. And if you are lucky enough to have a mom that makes wonderful cheese grits then ditch all of these other meals and eat those! Enough said!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Obsession: Kindle Paperwhite

I feel like I have always said that I was a book girl...I don't want a kindle, I like the way books smell and feel, la la la la. Well, I can't believe I am saying it...BUT I WANT A KINDLE! Not a normal kindle mind you, but a kindle paperwhite. That's right, paperwhite. It is the only kindle that is backlit...meaning you can read it in bed! AND it apparently doesn't glow out so you don't disturb others with your light! eek!! (for the record that totally amazes me)

Just look at it! It is gorgeous! With its touch screen and all. And it is as skinny as a pencil. Why the switch you might ask? Well first of all the only time I read these days is in the no light is a perfect option for me! Did I mention I also fall asleep while reading? Also, it holds 1,100 books! Eek!!! I am envisioning the entire Sookie Stackhouse series all at the touch of my fingers...

Did you know you can also check out books from the library via Kindle?? Go to your home library page! It is awesome! 

I should also mention the price. $119. Seems a bit steep but let's do the math on the books I buy...or maybe we won't. It makes me sad. I LOVE books. And you better believe that I will still buy the big classics and the ones I truly truly love ("what girl doesn't dream of having the beauty and the beast library?" as one of my friends says!)
But how happy is this gal? Reading in bed without the lights? Sigh...I want one. Enough said. Christmas list maybe? 

Now the real question I want the 3G or just the wifi? Check out the difference here at and let me know what you think on my pole located on the side of my blog! 

P.S. the library part really sold me...check out books on your kindle for FREE? Heck ya!! check out for more info if you are in the Arkansas area! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tailgating Must-Haves

Every tailgater has their own routine for how things are done. Food, beer, music, decorations, etc. Here are a few things that I think are absolute MUST-HAVES for football season. 

I swear I have been waiting all day to write this blog post. Ever since I received my Food Network email this morning that contained this little gem...
The Triple Crock Pot
Just look at it for a minute. It is a piece of pure genius. Three little wells that hold different dips. I am envisioning, meatballs, spinach dip and cheese dip in mine. And then EXTRA little pods that hold chips, toothpicks, sliced veggies, napkins, etc. This baby was made for the tailgate! I mean seriously, how perfect is this for tailgating. Can't decide which new Pinterest dish to create? Well make three! 
You can even change the temperature on each little pod (I realize pod is not the technical term, but hey, I like it). It also comes with a lid so that you can take this bad boy anywhere. It can be purchased on for $69.95. A pretty good deal for such a cool tool!

Another crucial tailgating tool? The Koozie. I have a small Koozie obsession. Ever since my friend Colleen introduced me to the idea of constantly keeping one in my purse I have never looked back. Just think about it. It keeps your beer/soft drink cold, while keeping your hand warm. Which is great, but mainly it puts a pretty little "mine" tag on your drink. Who can claim that a purple monogrammed koozie is theirs when it has your initials all over it? Remember my birthday koozies? They are PERFECT for this ort of thing!
And now for a special recipe...this is what I would put in the triple crock pot. My favorite meatballs are made with Raspberry Salsa from Robert Rothschild's farm. It is gourmet salsa that is really similar to a BBQ sauce. Buy a bag of frozen meatballs at the grocery store (any kind is fine) and brown them up in a big skillet. Next toss them in the crock pot with a few jars of this stuff and you are good to go. Make sure to serve with toothpicks. You can get this salsa at specialty food stores---Catering to You has them in LR. It is around $9 a pop. You can find it HERE on The Farm Basket. This is soooo good and perfect for a tailgate! For other great food ideas you can follow My Pinterest Board :) 
Stay tuned for more items that are must haves for football events and tailgates!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bargain Shopping: Halloween Decorations

My family always goes all out on Halloween and we end up spending way too much money are decorations that get ripped down or thrown in the attack and are yucky for next year. The other day I was strolling through the Dollar Tree (I know, I know, I love it!) and low and behold they had Halloween decorations, and not just skimpy ones! They have spider webs and caution tape. Things that I was spending crazy amounts of money on at Halloween Express. Think of all the decorating you can do for mere dollars!!!

They also have candy...while not necessarily name brand (though some are) they are really the same things. And hey, its Halloween, no child really cares what kind of candy they's all the same right?? But how cute are these little halloween carry bags??? It makes me want to go trick-or-treating just so I can use one. They also have door covers and wall hangings so you can deck out your house! I even bought some for my classroom. They have window clings that look like bloody hands and blood spatter, witches that look like they ran into your tree, and even costume add ons. So why spend tons of money when you can get the same thing at dollar tree?? *I do realize my dollar tree obsession has grown, but it is just crazy not to go there. I am not saying feed your family, but hey a dish towel is a dish towel is a dish towel, and when I am in my cheap house saving mode, a $1 dish towel is good enough for me.

But seriously! Check out their decorations! Here is a super cute and somewhat cheesy video!

Click HERE for their website. And yes, if you watched the video, I do in fact get their weekly texts. I am THAT girl.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Magazine Mania

I decided it was high time I talk about my magazine obsessions. I talk about everything else I am obsessed with, right? I really only have 3 magazines that I am a regular subscriber too:

1. REAL Simple 
2. Cooking Light 
3. Glamour 

 I will add that if I had the funds to get US weekly or some other gossip mag. weekly I would totally do it. But those puppies get pricey!!

 1. REAL Simple. Where do I begin? This is my go to magazine. It has organizational tips, new uses for old things (like turn a button into an earring holder or use bubble wrap to pad your hangers so they don't leave those awful marks). They have guides on fashion, home decor, and even food! It is the overall package! And while it sounds silly, I even love the paper that they just feels different! Not all glossy!

Right now you can get a year long subscription for $24 and you get a free guide of your choice (organizing tips, food, etc.). If I had to choose just ONE magazine this one would be it!!

 2. Cooking Light. Now I do actually think that Cooking Light and REAL Simply are done by the same people...but that is really just a guess (they are always sending me emails promoting the other magazine). This one is rather self explanatory. They have cooking recipes that are LIGHT! Fancy that. It is chock full of tasty recipes. My favorite part? It includes all the nutritional values (so does REAL simple) so that you can see exactly what is in everything you make! No factoring necessary! And the food is ultra yummy. This months cover is all about Quick Breads--banana, walnut, maple, etc. and has a very yummy cinnamonny bread on the cover. BREAD THAT IS LIGHT? That is right (like that rhyme?).

Cooking Light runs at around $18 for 12 issues or $24 for 24 issues! What a steal! 

3. Last but definitely not least...GLAMOUR. Glamour is my source of all things trendy. Clothes, hair, colors, styles and then you have health and fitness, and so much more! My favorite part would be the Dos and Don'ts. What to wear and what not to wear, make up trends (and fails), road tested things (like flat irons or fitness equipment). You name it, glamour has it! They will even show you 30 days of outfits out of 4 articles of clothing! Crazy, I know.

This is my go to read if I am working out. I plop it up there on the elliptical and read away. AND I even like the real-life stories they have in there. Recently there was a letter from a victim of the Collumbine shooting that was written to victims of the Batman Movie Theatre shooting. It was so touching and I was immediately hooked. Needless to say it was a great issue! Right now you can get 12 issues for $19.99 and get free little red goodie bags (don't worry I got them). Another steal!

Organization (REAL Simple), food (Cooking Light) and fashion (GLAMOUR)! What else do you need??