Monday, April 30, 2012

Page Remodel-Eating Right and Running 5Ks

My dad and I have decided to enter some 5Ks!! Hopefully using it as an incentive to get healthy and lose some LBs. So be on the look out for updates on what we are doing to prepare for the 5Ks and what we are eating...Maybe Dad can be a guest writer??? He and I obviously have very different body types so we will be eating different things. Here is just a little update on what my game plan is:

Monday April 30th

Goal: Run a 5K in around a month and lose an obscene amount of weight :)
Plan: Bootcamp Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Personal Training Tuesday and Thursday. Running at least 3 days a will get up to more once I get used to it. Eating right!! I workout a ton but I don't eat well and it is showing. So here is a little list of what I plan to eat today! I missed breakfast which is BAD! Ahh! I need to fix that ASAP.

Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken (this is my absolute favorite lean cuisine!)

PictSweet creamed spinach--found these at wal-mart. They are individual servings of veggies for only .99 cents! I have tried the edamame as well and it is divine!

How do I keep track of everything I eat?? I use the app called My Fitness Pal! It has a barcode scanner so you just scan in your foods AND it has Kroger Brand food! Yay!!
I plan to make my own meals when I can. I know that Lean Cuisine tends to pack a lot of salt into their food so I only want to use them sparingly--but I know it is better than fast food!! Wish me luck!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Margarita Popsicle?

While buying wine at the liquor store (I have a new favorite but we will save that for another day) I stumbled upon these margarita popsicles...what exactly is it? It looks like know the yogurt that comes in a tube that kids love? BUT this is for BIG kids :) It has margarita mix, tequila and orange liquor in it! SO yum!! All you do is pop them in the freezer and BAM big kid popsicle.

While they do have a picture of sharks on them they also carry a label that says NOT FOR CHILDREN. As my liquor store man said: "Then why did you put sharks on them??" So go out and try one! They can be bought for $2.99 at Heights Wine and Spirits!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alpha Beta Face Peel

It seems that facial/chemical peels are all the rage these days but who really has $150 to spend on a peel for your face that will make you look lobster red for a week? Not me! So I found a way to compromise. While in the check out line of Sephora (my favorite store, duh) and found "at home" face peels. I must admit I was scared to try them, but I got 5 for $15 so I figured I might as well! They are Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads--which after further research I discovered were rather expensive to buy a whole set! To me expensive means it must be good! I dragged (drug?) my mom into it and we decided to do it together! Here are the steps and results!

There are two pads-Step 1 and Step 2. You simply wipe Step 1 all over your face and neck until the pad feels dry. Wait 3 minutes and then do the same with Step 2. 

Now I have rather sensitive skin but this didn't hurt at all! My face felt a little tight but I swear when I woke up the wrinkles on my forehead seemed a lot less noticeable! No redness or irritation of any kind! My mom said she could tell a difference too! So if you want an inexpensive little pick me up for your face I suggest you track down a Sephora and find these! HERE is the FULL set on the website. It includes pads that you use daily and 3 intense pads--these are what we used! 

I also did some digging and found this site called Skin Obsessions and they have at home chemical peels you can order as well...for a variety of skin types! Click HERE for their site!