Monday, October 29, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

It is about time I told the world...I have finally gotten fake eyelashes. By that I mean the eyelash extensions. The kind where you go to the salon and they glue them individual to each lash and it takes two hours. I know what you might be thinking...why do that for TWO hours?? Well let me tell you! Once you go eyelash extensions you never go back. Not only do I NEVER have to wear mascara, but I get complements all the time! yay!! So please excuse my "eye" pictures. There is just not a flattering way to photograph your eyeball...

I went to Ava Bella Salon in Little Rock. These puppies cost $100 big ones. And actually they cost $200 big ones but they are on sale through the end of October (how selfish of me to only tell you this now...on October 29th). You normally need to get them filled every 2 weeks. I have completed two whole weeks and I have maybe had 4 lashes fall out? I am hoping to make it 3-4 weeks without having a refill! Which are only $45 and take about 30-45 minutes.

Here is my before shot...

As you can see I am lacking in the lashes!

But here I am with the falsies! *Disclaimer--my eyes are VERY red in this picture. It was a tad irritating and uncomfortable but it is not painful at all. I am not on drugs thank you very much.

I mean look at those puppies!!! How gorgeous are they?!? Can you tell the difference? Well, just in case I put them together...more awkward eyeball shots!

You really can tell a difference though! And I feel like they do not look fake at all. I had a lady tell me the other day that my lashes looked great and I must have great mascara! NO WAY!

Now here they are two weeks later and counting...and still so luscious and curled!

I have found my new obsession and will be getting the refills. Probably for forever. And ever. And ever. I am in LOVE! I do wish I had bought the serum (they were out when I was there) because they feel a little dry (a feeling you can only have with falsies I believe). But, hopefully I will remedy that soon! So go try some out!!! Check out Ava Bella Salon HERE!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakfast Finds

I am known for skipping breakfast. I don't like waking up early enough to eat it. Normally this isn't a problem, but now that I have to be at school at 7:30am and don't eat lunch until 12:45, you better believe I get hungry in between then. So I went on a hunt to find things for breakfast that were easy and cheap and hopefully not horribly bad for me. Here is what I found:

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Croissants
These puppies stay in the freezer and microwave in about 3 minutes. Super yummy and low cal! They can be found in the breakfast freezer aisle at the grocery store. This box is about $6.50 with 4 sandwiches a piece.

Speacial K FlatBread Sandwiches
Just found these gems! Flatbread sandwiches with egg, ham and pepper jack cheese! Only 200 calories!!! Again, they stay in the freezer and you microwave them. This box was about $4.50 with 4 sandwiches a piece!

Kellogg's Low Fat Multi Grain Waffles

These waffles come in at 70 calories a piece! That is only 140 for 2 waffles! I also get the Kroger sugar free syrup to seal the deal. Add a little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and you are good to go!

Obviously I am not a cereal kind of gal...I need the big substantial meals. And if you are lucky enough to have a mom that makes wonderful cheese grits then ditch all of these other meals and eat those! Enough said!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Obsession: Kindle Paperwhite

I feel like I have always said that I was a book girl...I don't want a kindle, I like the way books smell and feel, la la la la. Well, I can't believe I am saying it...BUT I WANT A KINDLE! Not a normal kindle mind you, but a kindle paperwhite. That's right, paperwhite. It is the only kindle that is backlit...meaning you can read it in bed! AND it apparently doesn't glow out so you don't disturb others with your light! eek!! (for the record that totally amazes me)

Just look at it! It is gorgeous! With its touch screen and all. And it is as skinny as a pencil. Why the switch you might ask? Well first of all the only time I read these days is in the no light is a perfect option for me! Did I mention I also fall asleep while reading? Also, it holds 1,100 books! Eek!!! I am envisioning the entire Sookie Stackhouse series all at the touch of my fingers...

Did you know you can also check out books from the library via Kindle?? Go to your home library page! It is awesome! 

I should also mention the price. $119. Seems a bit steep but let's do the math on the books I buy...or maybe we won't. It makes me sad. I LOVE books. And you better believe that I will still buy the big classics and the ones I truly truly love ("what girl doesn't dream of having the beauty and the beast library?" as one of my friends says!)
But how happy is this gal? Reading in bed without the lights? Sigh...I want one. Enough said. Christmas list maybe? 

Now the real question I want the 3G or just the wifi? Check out the difference here at and let me know what you think on my pole located on the side of my blog! 

P.S. the library part really sold me...check out books on your kindle for FREE? Heck ya!! check out for more info if you are in the Arkansas area!