Friday, January 25, 2013

Suave Shampoo Part 2

In a previous post on bargain deals and shampoo I talked about Suave's Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. Well, Suave has done it again! Now they make different shampoos that are similar to Aveeda's more expensive brands. My new favorite is the Almond and Shea Butter kind. It is made for dry or damaged hair, but I think it works for anyone looking for a little bit for moisture. Plus it smells phenomenal!

They also make some for color treated hair!! Did I mention it is only $1.99 for this stuff??? Aveeno-like shampoo for under $2.00! How can you go wrong!!! Go try it! I promise you will be happy you did. I found mine at Wal-Mart!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Window with Magnetic and Chalkboard Paint

It seems 2013 is going to be the year for DIY here goes one of many!

I have a window in my laundry room that was filled in with plywood. Who knows why. But I decided it was the perfect place for some chalkboard paint! My brother pushed for dry erase board paint but I couldn't find that! But I did one up the chalkboard paint a little :)

At Lowe's I found Magnetic Paint! It was about $19 for a little can so a bit pricey but SO cool!! You use it as a of course I decided chalkboard paint HAD to go over it!!! You do three coats of magnetic paint (waiting at least 30 minutes in between each coat) and then do a few coats of chalkboard (I haven't decided how many yet bc you HAVE to wait 24 hours in between each coat...which ruins my fun).

What will I draw on my new chalkboard? Hmmm, well I haven't gotten that far. I am thinking grocery list? Cute quotes? Calendar? The world is my oyster!

I can't wait to show you the finished project! With magnets, chalk and more!

Also on the DIY list today? New curtains hung in the kitchen, lights put in my ceiling fan, new bedroom doorknob that will not fall off and new and improved floor vent covers! Eek! We did SO much today!!! Stay tuned for more of my home makeover projects!

P.S. My plants are getting bigger and bigger!! So stay tuned for more on them too :)


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Earth Box and Plants

I have always had a black thumb. I kill plants. Always have. But this year I am determined to grow some plants. Not just any plants, vegetables! So I can keep up my eating healthy by eating my own plants. I mean, how cool right? So after some research I discovered the best way to grow plants was in an earth box. What is this, you might ask. It is a big ole box that pretty much self waters itself and grows fabulous plants.

However, in order to plant the seeds you have to grow them a bit first. So I picked up some starter kits from Home Depot and some seeds and got crackin! After a mere 4 days here are my little babies!

As you can see, my label maker was rather helpful in this task. I am growing 8 vegetables: Arugula, Bibb Lettuce, Cabbage, Green Onions, Regular Onions, Spinach, Iceburg Lettuce and Broccoli. The lettuce ones are def the big growers though. Check out this arugula!

Such tall little sprouts. Anywho, next step. Put them in lots of sunlight and when they get bigger I will put them in the earthbox. So come springtime, I will have big ole great, yummy vegetables. Get ready for lots of big updates!!!

PS you can get an earthbox for about $45 from amazon :)


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Homemade Sugar Scrub

It seems this Christmas was the Christmas for crafts. So in an effort to join in the band wagon I whipped up a homemade body scrub. I am biased but I really really LOVE it! It makes my elbows and feet so so soft--which is hard to do in the winter months. It was also inexpensive and really fun to make!

Coconut Oil--I bought my off of amazon but they have it at Whole Foods as well (by the vitamins)
Essential Oils--I also got these off amazon but I think even Wal-Mart has them!
Sugar--plain ole kroger brand for me
Jars--I used 4 ounce ones but you could make them much bigger! Just remember that people have to be able to fit their hands in the jar to get the scrub out!


Heat up the coconut oil in the microwave--it is a solid like butter and needs to be melted to mix. Does this in the container for about 10 second intervals. It does not take much at all and I literally lit the jar on fire and one point because I left it in too long---it was scary. Use 2 parts of sugar for every 1 part of coconut oil. For my 4 ounce jars we did about 1/4 cup sugar (at 6 jars that is 1.5 cups). I did 6 jars in cinnamon and 6 jars in peppermint so I made 2 different batches. So mix 1.5 cups of the sugar with 3/4 cup of coconut oil. Drop in about 12-15 drops of the essential oil of choice (or more depending on how strong you want it).

Spoon the mixture into the jars. I labeled my lids with the date and scent. The mixture does harden some. You can either scrape it out of the jar or (my favorite) set the jar on the ground while you shower and it will heat up a bit itself. The coconut oil is the key--I read somewhere that you could use olive oil but I decided against it.

Here is the price break down:

Big Container of Coconut Oil: $17.00
Essential Oils (2): $6.00
Sugar: $.79
Jars: $10

That brings us to a total of $33.79--we will round it to $35 for tax and what not. 35 divided by 12 jars is $2.92 a jar! **I apologize to those of you who got these for Christmas and now realize how unbelievably cheap the were to make. It is the thought that counts right????

I also made a batch for myself and I keep it in a Tupperware container. It just floats in the bathtub to warm up and at the bottom of the shower.

So that is it! Easy peasy right???? Go make some! Now! It is SO simple! I can't believe I haven't been making my own scrub this whole time.

Tip: for super sensitive skin I read that you could use brown sugar instead of real sugar. Or salt would work just as well as sugar--but might hurt if you have a cut!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Label Makers and New Beauty Tip

WOW. Somehow an entire month went by without me posting. Can we say busy? New Year's Resolution? Take the time to blog. Whew.

Here is a tiny update on my life and then away with all the personal stuff and bring on the good stuff! I am STILL doing Ideal Protein. After 7 weeks I had lost 32 lbs. Wowsies! 32 pounds! In 7 weeks! Crazy right?? I took a little break around Christmas (my first real cheat or break since November 3rd) and am back on track now. I will say I am not sure it was worth it to cheat because now it is even harder to get back on track. boo. School started back today which is great because I am MUCH better at controlling my food there! Hmm...what else? Christmas was superb. I got my Kindle Paperwhite! And of course I love it. Oh and a label maker...which brings me to my new post:

The Power of the Label
I know what you are thinking. Why would I waste my time labeling things? Well let's just say that the organizing guru's swear by it. It just makes life easier. And since we know that I may have some OCD tendencies (who me?) it just worked out dandy that I got one for christmas! Eek! Here is my gorgeous beauty:
So what have I labeled? Well my friends, you can label anything you damn well please. You can even IRON names onto the inside of clothes. The possibilities are endless. Of course the first thing I wanted to label was...well...EVERYTHING! But I restrained myself. I started off with things that I knew would be up high. For example I got a power drill (more on this later) and a tool bag (filled with man tools according to my uncle) and they both came in similar black bags. Now, since I do not use these all the time, they go on the shelf in the laundry room. But how to know which bag is which...the horror! Well, I labeled them. Problem solved. Now you just look at the shelf and boom. Knowledge. Scary huh? Ok, ok, so I MIGHT be carried away with this. But trust me on this one, it rocks. Have big tubs of purses, sweaters, etc? Label them. It doesn't fade away like sharpie. Did I mention it has fun pictures too?

So to spice up the rest of the post, for those of you who have been bored stiff by the talk of labeling things...I also wanted to through out my new favorite beauty tip. You know those Biore nose strips? the ones that are supposed to clean your nose of all the blackheads. While I have used them in the past I felt like they were not super effective...but I tend to have dry skin so this could just be me. BUT I discovered if you take a bath beforehand...BATH NOT SHOWER. A steamy, hot bath especially. And THEN you put the strip on after you get out...BAM! works like a magnet. I know they say that after a shower helps loosen up the skin. But nothing works better then literally sitting in steamy water. It was really crazy how well they worked.

Moral of the story? Go get a label maker and some Biore nose strips and get down to business...