Friday, February 22, 2013

Ideal Protein Update

It's that time again...the time where I update you all on my crazy whirlwind of a diet. I started Ideal Protein on November 2nd and with only one real cheat month (birthdays, Christmas, etc) I have lost 41.4 pounds. I am in utter shock. If you have been reading for a while. you know I have tried just about everything! (I have not tried Weight Watchers so I will not comment on that) But nothing has worked for me...until now! I have lost 20 inches total. 20! That is the length of a new born baby!

So here is a basic day of eating for me:

5 pieces of turkey bacon
1 Ideal Protein oatmeal

Ideal Protein Cappuccino

2 cups of veggies (cucumbers)
4 ounces of homemade turkey meatloaf

Protein Bar

2 more cups of veggies (zuchinni)
4 more ounces of protein

Right now I am averaging losing 3 pounds per week. But since I re-started this on last wednesday for lent I have lost 10 lbs! In 8 days!

I feel like a whole new person! 41 pound is a LOT of weight. I still have about 20 or so more to lose! But I am more than 1/3 of the way there!

I really suggest checking out the Ideal Protein Site so you can get the scoop on what they do! It is really quite phenomenal!

Maybe I will get gutsy enough to show you my before and after picture soon....It is quite scary to look at though!!!

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