Monday, August 26, 2013

Eco Friendly Lunch Containers

School has started again which means it is time to get creative with lunches. With that comes the proper storage. While at Bed, Bath and Beyond I discovered this awesome pop-up lunch container from Smart Planet.
I have tried other collapsible lunch boxes before and they collapsed too well (meaning all the time) and that gets messy. But this one has stayed strong throughout the whole day. It is also BIG! I could have put two sandwiches on top of one. It also comes with a spork (with a sharp-ish knife side) that attaches to the lid. And my most favorite part? It has a condiment spot with a tiny lid! 

It is also dishwasher safe--top rack--and very easy to just rinse off. Though I can't find it online at BB&B I know it is in stores for around $12, but just in case here it is on amazon :) enjoy!

P.S. it comes in a smaller size too