Finds of the Day Archives

Fix it putty for those stubborn iPhone and Mac cords that start to fray!! Click here!
Owl scent-portables for your car from Bath and Body Works!! Click here!
Mini bacon bowls! Super cute idea for salads! Click here!
Homemade ice cream in a bag! No machine required! Click here!
Make heart shaped cupcakes by simply adding a marble! Click here!
Make your own ruffled shirt from a white tee! Click here!
9/9/11 Use frozen grapes to chill your wine to the perfect temperature! Click here!
9/12/11 Use an old rake to hang wine glasses! Click here!
9/13/11 Personalized stamps that are return address labels! Click here!
9/14/11 New uses for ziploc baggies!! Click here
9/14/11 Jasmere Deal-Wall art stickers!! Click here
9/15/11 How to hollow out a book to make a secret hiding place! Click here!
9/16/11 Monogrammed stickers for your wine glasses!!! Click here!  
9/19/11 Spoons that rest on the side of your pot/pan!! Click here
9/20/11 Baggu Re-useable bags have new prints! Click here
9/22/11 Recycled chair made into a towel rack! Click here!  
9/26/11 How to make wavy hair using a flat iron! Click here
9/27/11 PVC pipe to organize the bathroom! Click here
9/29/11 Light bulbs that double as audio speakers! They connect to your iPod! Click here
9/30/11 Healthy cookie dough dip! That's right HEALTHY! Click here
10/4/11 The cutest six pack carrier that actually keeps your drinks cold! Click here
10/4/11 My new ruffled shower curtain for only $19.00!! Click here
10/5/11 Homemade chalkboard paint in any color! Click here
10/12/11 Baked Mozzarella Sticks made from string cheese and wonton wrappers! Click here
10/14/11 Low cal baked mozzarella bites! Click here
10/18/11 Two bundt cakes make a pumpkin cake! Click here
10/19/11 13 spooky Halloween recipes from cooking light. Click here
10/25/11 Tea buddy-keeps tea warm and gives you a place to hold the soggy tea bag! Click here
10/26/11 Cute little tins to store loose tea! Click here
10/28/11 Owl corkscrew! Click here
11/02/11 This lady made a different croc pot recipe everyday for a whole year! Click here
11/11/11 Dripless Strainer for the Kitchen! Click here!!!  
11/13/11 Burlap and Sharpie placemats! 4 for $28 or make your own! Click here!
11/23/11 Super easy tips about de-icing your car windows/locks! Click here
11/29/11 Website where your check off the foods you have in your fridge and they give you a recipe! 
                Click HERE
06/29/12 Three Little Piggies Measuring Cups! Click here!  
06/29/12 Neoprene Envelope Camera Case! Click here!  
06/30/12 Searsucker Monogrammed Koozie!!! Click HERE!  
09/18/12 Game Day Bracelets! Click HERE
09/18/12 Monogrammed Clutch for $29! Click HERE
09/18/12 Maybelline Mascara 2 for $3 from Ulta! Click HERE!
10/29/12 Little Hoot Owl Tea Seat by Rachael Ray! Click HERE