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I am sure everyone is thinking "quit adding pages already!" but I just can't help myself. If you can't tell I am a bit of a shopaholic...I decided it would be fun to post all my recent purchases on here so everyone can see just what I spend all of my money on...You should also know that I buy shoes more than anything else. My sister told me today that I should give up buying shoes for lent...I thought how silly, of course I can do that...but can I?!?!?

New Otterbox! Did you know you can find Otterbox's for only $18 instead of the big ole $50 price tag they normally carry!!  I found mine on Amazon from ThePruneDanish seller!! Click HERE!

Purple Penguin Rainboots!

I got mine at Charming Charlies but click HERE for the link for them at Target.

Neoprene Nalgene Cover
Click HERE for these at amazon. I got one at target! It keeps your water bottle from sweating!

Here are my latest shoes...or boots really. From Click HERE to take their survey for FREE--you don't pay a dime until you want to buy a pair of shoes! Then it is only $39. What a steal!
So far I am loving these bad boys!

My other recent purchases include a big ole stack of stocking stuffers. Now I have decided not to disclose this information because I am in charge of stockings and more for my mother. She is one sneaky lady! She was the child that opened all of her presents and wrapped them back up before christmas because she can't stand surprises. So if you want to know what I got for her (I am sure she would start following my blog the second I posted her present ideas) then email me at and I will be happy to fill you in. Let's just say I spent $45 at the container store and I am finished with her stocking. Success.

As far as books go I am currently reading Club Dead by Charlaine Harris-it is the third book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have NOT seen TruBlood but the books are too funny! Vampires, humor, craziness...what more could you ask for? I am also starting the 9th book in Patricia Cornwell's series about Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta called Point of Origin. If you like murder mysteries then this book series is right up your alley. Great books--and the reason I am up posting about them at 12:30am...

On Monday (nov 14) I went to Sephora. I cannot disclose all that I bought there because they were mainly christmas presents! I also got the Clinique All About the Eyes Rich-which I am absolutely in LOVE with!!! So far it is working out tremendously!! Also I received a bonus gift because I am a VIB (very important beauty insider). Here is what I got:

It is a little kit from Benefit-one of my favorite cosmetic brands. I got a small bad gal lash mascara, a that gal face primer and in the middle is the Dandelion face powder (full size). This is particularly great because I have been wanted to buy some face powder and boom I got one for free! Needless to say I was very excited! 

I also bought some new stationary from Erin Condren the other day! I got a normal flat card/everyday stationary and then I got a christmas stationary--it was much cheaper than getting christmas cards and this way I can send little notes to my out of town friends! Too cute!! 

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